Maths Through Sport

Boost your pupils maths levels through physical activity and sport!

The Active Learning programme is used as an effective intervention strategy by many schools in the region. Offering an alternative learning environment to the classroom, Active Learning has been developed with expert consultancy from maths leaders at the leading schools in the West Midlands. The process included pilot studies, testing and focus groups to ensure that your pupils improve.n to improve their pupils' maths ability and confidence levels.

During the last academic year, 88% of children who participated in Active Learning increased their confidence in maths and over 700 children enhanced their attainment in the subject by at least 1 sub-level.  And 31% of lower ability children have achieved or exceeded their expectations of progressing 2 sub-levels.  

Active Learning can be used by your school to enrich your maths curriculum or as a valuable second wave intervention strategy for both primary schools and secondary schools. It is developed to fit alongside the National Strategies document for levels 2 to 6 in maths, with each level been split into 3 areas.

And with Aspire Sports providing reports on your pupils every term, you can track and monitor the quality of the programme as well as the progress of your pupils.


What better way to see the benefits of the Active Learning programme by booking a free trial session today!

If you would like to join other schools and enhance the maths ability and confidence of your pupils through this innovative programme, or would like to book your free trial session then email  or call 0121 663 1979.
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Aspire Sports deliver sports and physical activity programmes that help children, young people and their families be active for life.

We work closely with your setting to provide you with a first-class, hassle free service. Offering a unique, child-centred approach, you can rest assured that our programmes are education-focused and have achieved the standards for QiSS status.

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