Apprenticeship resources for parents and guardians

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Apprenticeships are designed by employers so the training reflects the skills, knowledge and behaviours an apprentice will need for a particular occupation. 

Apprenticeship training is of a high standard and only training providers who are on the register of apprenticeship training providers can deliver the training. 

Working as an apprentice means they earn as they learn. An apprentice works in a real job and spends 20% of their working hours training. So they gain the skills needed for their chosen occupation. 

Some apprenticeships include a qualification, including a degree. All of the training is free, so the apprentice has no student debt to worry about. 

A school or college leaver can apply for university and an apprenticeship at the same time. They can make their final decision after they’ve had time to consider their options. 

To support someone with apprenticeships you can: 

How to support young people applying for an apprenticeship

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STEP 1. Think about the future

It has been a difficult couple of years for many which means young people could be concerned about their future.

Sitting down with your child and discussing their future goals and ask them:

  • What subjects they enjoy most
  • What‘s important to them in a future job


These questions will help them develop a clearer idea of their next steps, such as which area they want to work in and whether an apprenticeship or traineeship is right for them.

STEP 2. Encourage them to continue

There are approximately 20,000 apprenticeship jobs currently available to view through the government portal,  which can be overwhelming.

It is important to encourage your child to keep trying, even if they are not successful in finding the right role for them straight away.

Traineeships also provide an important stepping-stone into an apprenticeship and so it is really valuable to take your time to understand how they work, and what opportunities there are. Discover more about traineeships here.

STEP 3. Help them stay connected

Encourage them to think about the different ways they can find job opportunities, such as signing up to vacancy alerts and following companies on social media. They could also connect with current or previous apprentices and networks to ask for advice and guidance.


STEP 4. Register for job alerts

Help your child set up alerts to receive notifications of new vacancies in roles or sectors that they are interested in.

Find apprenticeship opportunities:  click here

Find traineeship opportunities: click here 


STEP 5. Events

Career events take place throughout the year. These provide opportunities for you and your child to meet employers, apprentices and careers experts to discuss career options. They will also signpost you to further information to help with their job search.

STEP 6. Contact schools and colleges

Talk to your child’s school or college to see what events they are hosting. Ask if they are arranging any workshops with expert speakers or opportunities for parents. They may also know about upcoming events, either nationally or in your region.

STEP 7. Create a calendar

Allocate time with your child to look for opportunities and practice application and interview techniques. Look for upcoming events and plan what you can attend with your child to increase their chances of success.

STEP 8. Consider work experience

Work experience and volunteering can build your child’s CV and help them build of range of skills employers are looking for. Some businesses may not openly offer work experience, but if your child is interested in working
with them, it’s worth reaching out and asking about the opportunities. Some employers have been offering virtual work experience which is completed online and is a great way get an introduction to the organisation. Volunteer work also offers great experience that will impress employers.

Work experience is especially ideal if your child is unsure about what career route/job role they want to pursue and will also enrich their CV.

STEP 9. Continue the conversation

It can be difficult to know how best to support your child with considering their career options after school. Try to keep the conversation ongoing, regularly asking about their interests, hobbies, skills and strengths, the sectors or types of organisations they’re interested in and how these might inform their next steps.

Access our resources for parents and carers to help aid these discussions: influencers/resources-for-parents

STEP 10. Keep options open

It is important to consider all the post-16-18 career options. This includes apprenticeships, traineeships, T Levels and further education, such as college or university.

Free services like the National Careers Service offer advice and support about the best option for your child.

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Catherine Stephenson
Staffordshire County Council

Aspire offer a positive ongoing relationship, consistent high-quality team members through different programmes and peace of mind

Hillary Primary School

Aspire offer us reliability, a high standard of tuition & flexibility

St Margaret's CE Primary School

Our children have enjoyed the approach to maths, through the Maths on the Move Programme - it focuses their learning and shows them the importance of maths in everything (it's not just a subject).

St Mary's RC Primary School

This is the 3rd time that my children have come to Aspire Active Camps, they love it and are already asking to go back! My younger daughter is brimming with confidence from her new-found sports skills and my older daughter has discovered a love for basketball. Top marks for the team all round!

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Faye Haworth
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My child loves the range of activities on offer. I am always impressed by the positive, professional and friendly team both at the camp and the office.

Active Camp Parent 31/10/16