3 questions about the Apprenticeship Levy that every school needs the answer to

In our latest blog post, we list the top 3 questions that schools ask us about the Apprenticeship Levy and share the answers.

3 questions about the Apprenticeship Levy that every school needs the answer to

With the end of the of 2016/17 academic year nearing, we’ve taken time out to reflect on some of the conversations we’ve had with schools across the region. Our discussions tend to cover lots of topics surrounding physical activity, pupil health and well-being, staff CPD and how we can support schools to achieve their development plans. 

Limited communication from local authorities and some MAT’s has led to confusion and a misconception on areas such as how the Levy can be accessed, how it can be used effectively and what budgets schools can access to help fund further training and the apprentice’s salary.


Here are the top 3 questions that schools ask us:


How do I access the Apprenticeship Levy pot?

Your local authority or MAT will have control of the Apprenticeship Levy Pot. The best way to access this fund and establish the amount of the pot that has been allocated to your setting is by contacting them directly. Training providers, nor the government, can influence how they distribute and release funds from the centrally held pot, therefore this will vary between every local authority and MAT.

To contact your local authority, please use the relevant phone number below:

  • Birmingham: 0121 303 2590
  • Walsall: 0192 265 0000
  • Dudley: 0138 481 8181
  • Warwickshire: 01926 412 210
  • Sandwell:  0121 569 2200
  • Coventry: 0247 683 3333
  • Staffordshire: 0178 522 3121
  • Worcester: 0190 576 3763
  • Wolverhampton: 01902 551155


How do I pay the apprenticeship training fees?

Once you have established access to the levy pot and the amount available, you must evidence the apprenticeship training that you will be investing in and how much it costs, to your local authority or MAT. The funds will then be released from the pot and transferred directly to the training provider.


What can the Apprenticeship Levy be used for?

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To discuss the Apprenticeship Levy and the effectiveness of an apprentice you can get in touch with our team using the contact details below:


Dan Hays / 07535 058870 / dan.hays@aspire-sports.co.uk 

Adam Sheehan / 07535 059007 / adam.sheehan@aspire-sports.co.uk 

Luke Johnson / 07535 052478 / luke.johnson@aspire-sports.co.uk