9 indoor winter activities

9 indoor winter activities



Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.

Then again, it gives us a chance to explore the indoors.

We know what you’re thinking, explore the indoors? More like be cooped up, restless and trapped with the dreaded phrase “I’m bored!” ringing in your ears.

But, with a few nifty ideas the indoors can be fun. Yes you read that right, fun. To keep you and your children from climbing the walls this winter, here’s a list of go-to activities.


Indoor igloo

Switch up standard fort making and create your very own igloo. Sheets, cardboard, pillows, blankets, a whole ream of resources can be found at home.


Homemade snow globe

Rarely can we count on a white Christmas, or any snow at all, so if we can’t rely on the weather giving us our picturesque wintery scene, we’ll just have to make our own. You just need a jar, superglue, small toys or decorative items and glitter. A glue gun is ideal but be sure it is used only by an adult and kept away from children! You can always use superglue instead, but again make sure you as the adult completes this step.


Ice-skating ice lolly stick dolls

Ice skating, it’s not the easiest of activities, but this craft idea certainly is. Not only fun to make but also fun for games, do all the tricks, twirls, spins and jumps with your very own pro skaters.


Snowball fight

We’ve already mentioned the less than likely sprinkling of snow, so let’s take things into our own hands and make our very own snowballs, plus with these you avoid both the wet and the cold, bonus!


Father Christmas obstacle course

Too early to start the Christmas cheer? Okay, for all you Scrooges you can hold off on this one until the 1st December…

Set up an obstacle course of Father Christmas’ journey on Christmas eve. Mark out checkpoints to represent all the houses that are awaiting present delivery and set a timer! Will Father Christmas make it to all the houses in time?


Dance party

Get grooving to some family favourites. Plus, you can start filtering in those Christmas hits as the day nears!


Action Dice

Two dice, one with actions and one with timings.

Roll the dice, do the action, simple!

You could make multiple dice with varying themes, such as sport, acting, dancing, anything your child enjoys!


Snowman bowling

Winter spin on a classic. Make your very own snowmen skittles using toilet roll tubes!


Cook up a treat

Make some winter warmers, a hearty stew or a fruit crumble, perfect for those cold evenings. You could even set up your very own Bake Off!


We know winter can be one of the tougher seasons when it comes to keeping your children active and entertained, so hopefully with these activities those dark winter days can be a little brighter!