The Active Code with Dave Johnson

‘Empowering my team to help them make the right decisions’

The Active Code with Dave Johnson



In episode 7 of The Active Code  hosts Paul Griffiths and Luke Johnson are joined by founder of Physical Education and Active Kids (PEAK), Dave Johnson.


Who’s Dave Johnson?

From London all the way up to Newcastle, Dave Johnson has inspired children and young people.

Dave is founder of Physical Education and Active Kids (PEAK).   PEAK works with schools to provide high-quality PE delivery, training, support and resources to ensure children have access to outstanding physical activity opportunities.

Before founding PEAK in 2014, Dave had been a primary teacher, assistant head of a secondary school, Olympic Legacy Development Officer and Regional Manager of the Sport England initiative ‘Engage to compete’.

Dave’s roles combine to give him a depth of industry knowledge which he shares in episode 7 of The Active Code.


LinkedIn: @Dave Johnson 


Twitter: @PEAKspt




What’s covered in this episode?

  • Dave’s experience of a leader who allowed autonomy and held shared values
  • How Dave leads his organisation to engage more children and young people each year
  • The training and experiences teachers and coaches need in order to inspire in pupils a life-long interest in sport and physical activity
  • How Dave empowers his team to make the right decisions


Available to listen  from 7am on 19th April 2021 wherever you get your podcasts.