Apprentice Skills Festival: Safeguarding

Apprentice Skills Festival: Safeguarding

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With great power comes great responsibility. Our apprentices have what many people call ‘the best job in the world’ - working with children and young people is hugely rewarding and a lot of fun - however, along with that comes the responsibility of keeping those people safe.  


We held a Virtual Skills Festival last week for our apprentices and the theme of the day was Safeguarding. The attendees listened to guest speakers and took part in workshops to enhance their understanding of the role they play in safeguarding and protecting children and vulnerable adults.  


A huge thank you goes to: 


  •  Anti-violence campaigner Alison Cope, who gave a captivating talk about the impact of knife crime on her family and the community in which she lives. 
  • Teswal White from Activating Creative Talent CIC, who led a workshop on gangs, criminal exploitation and youth violence. 
  • Birmingham Prevent in Education who delivered a Prevent session covering questions such as: What are your responsibilities? What should you be looking out for? What do you do if you have concerns? 


Apprentices also worked independently to complete two online courses covering the impact of adverse childhood experiences, and counter terrorism awareness. 


Although some of the content of this Skills Festival was quite sobering, our apprentices found it interesting and useful to learn about the topics in depth. Everyone went away with a strong understanding of their role in this key area.