Aspire’s first annual Apprenticeship Conference

Aspire’s first annual Apprenticeship Conference

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What are the benefits of doing an apprenticeship? What is the role of the employer within an apprenticeship? What are young people’s post apprenticeship options?


On 22nd May, all Aspire apprentices and their mentors gathered together at YMCA Erdington for the first annual Apprenticeship Conference to discuss these questions and many more.


The day kicked off with a ‘World Café’; divided into groups, delegates circulated the hall and were given 5 minutes to answer each of the following:

  • “What roles/tasks can an apprentice complete within the workplace?”
  • “What are the exit routes available once a young person has completed their apprenticeship?”
  • “Why should a young person choose to complete an apprenticeship?”
  • “What are your first thoughts when you hear the word ‘apprentice’?”


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Next, apprentices and mentors were split to take part in workshops tailored to their roles.

Starting off with the workshop ‘Physical activity within the curriculum’, it was time for apprentices to get moving. Experiencing physically active learning first-hand in this workshop, apprentices recognised its significant value, plus had fun along the way!


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Where can an apprenticeship lead? This was the topic of the apprentices next workshop, ‘Post apprenticeship options’, done speed date style.


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The mentors, on the other hand, were discussing the question ‘What’s the role of the employer within an apprenticeship?’ in their initial workshop.


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Measuring the impact of an apprenticeship was the focus of their second workshop, setting the parameters for success, which involved the use of (and eating of) jelly babies!


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A day of sharing insight, participating in workshops and networking, both apprentices and mentors alike left the conference inspired and motivated, ready for the challenge.






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