The Aspire BIG SKIP Apprenticeship Week Challenge

The Aspire BIG SKIP Apprenticeship Week Challenge

National Apprenticeship Week 2018 is taking place from the 5th – 9th March. To celebrate, we are challenging all apprentices to take part in The Aspire BIG SKIP!

To demonstrate all the hard work that apprentices do in schools to engage children in physical activity, we are challenging them to get the pupils they are working with skipping!




Sharing challenge results

We have asked apprentices to use social media to let us know how the challenge is going throughout the week. We will be skipping at the office and posting on social media regularly over the next few weeks with videos and images of our skipping and the challenge information.


Use videos or images in social media posts

  • We have asked apprentices to ensure they have permission from the school to take and share images of the pupils.
  • If permission is given we would like apprentices to include pictures of the children they are working with and share videos or photos of the activity.


Follow the action

Be sure to keep up to date with the challenge on our Facebook and Twitter. We have asked apprentices to tag us in their posts and we will be sharing all the latest skipping fun!


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