Aspire Celebrate Summer Term

Aspire Celebrate Summer Term

As we bid farewell to yet another fantastic school year, Aspire celebrate the hard work, commitment and achievements of the last term.


100% Attendance

Well done to all those that achieved 100% attendance in the Summer term!

Rosie Finnegan, Michael McMahon, Zhane McCormack, Maurice Wright, Stephen Prosser, Nadia Smart, Darren Bettington, Joe Storey, Martin Edmunds, Cameron Harris, Ross Langford, Brad Terry, Gemma Batchelor, Harry Sachs, Liam Hampshire, Simon Pierre, Matthew Whittington, Andy Day, Jack Gray, Andrew Stanton, Luke Johnson





Value Awards

As a result of the excellence, commitment and integrity demonstrated by these team members, the value awards go to Phil Duffy, Martin Edmunds, Mark Meacham, Simon Pierre, Abigail Prichard and AJ Trusch. Congrats!


Value 2.jpg

Value 1.jpg



Wow Factor

Well done to Matt Whittington to always going above and beyond!





5 Year Anniversary

Congratulations to Rachel Law on your 5 year anniversary with Aspire!




The start of a new school year also means we look forward, setting goals, developing as individuals and as a team.

Turning our attention to team building, the Aspire team were organised into groups and tasked to build the tallest and strongest tower. Made out of what? Spaghetti. To hold? A marshmellow. And yes, it's as hard as it sounds.

Two teams achieved the marshmellow hold, so it all came down to height and one team was victorious. Impressive spaghetti tower building skills! Great team work!