Aspire hunt for treasure

Aspire hunt for treasure

Before Aspire’s 2018 training week could come to an end, there was one final challenge to take on, the annual team activity. The only details known by the team were meeting location and comfortable clothes and suitable footwear for the outdoors were required.

On arrival, Aspire were presented with their challenge. In organised teams, they were to take to the streets of Birmingham on an adventure like no other.


How it worked

Equipped with iPads, the teams set out on a high-tech treasure hunt. The treasure in this case was tasks which, when completed, earned teams points. Each team had to make their way towards hotspots, the location of which were on their iPads. Only when a team was 10 – 20 meters away from a hotspot were they presented with a challenge. Complete the challenge and earn points; simple right? Not so much when they learned what several of the challenges entailed. But Aspire didn’t let that faze them, neither did they let the audience, being the public of Birmingham, deter them from their goal; to be crowned champions.


So, what were their tasks?

  • Recreating a scene of a film in video and image
  • Flossing (the dance)
  • Trivia questions
  • Doing the David Brent dance

Teams were presented with a choice of challenges at each hotspot; the challenge they chose, determined how many points they were awarded. The teams were able to keep up to date with a real time live score board, monitoring their position. Although some very impressive dancing, acting and knowledge was showcased by all teams, there could only be one winner.


And the winners are…

Congratulations to Maurice Wright, Danielle Griffiths and Harry Sachs on being named victorious! Their prize? Medals and, of course, pride.

A day filled with great success, lots of laughter and unforgettable dance moves was the perfect way to bring the Aspire 2018 training week to an end. A big thanks to James from ClueGo for organising another fantastic event.

Have a browse of the photos below and see if you can guess our teams’ tasks.


125040-375623_1.jpg     125040-375663_0.jpg


125040-419038_1.jpg     125041-375621_0.jpg


125042-375622_0.jpg     125042-419038_1.jpg


125043-375621_0.jpg     125043-375623_0.jpg


125043-375666_0.jpg     125044-375621_0.jpg


125044-375622_1.jpg     125043-375637_1.jpg


125044-375623_0.jpg     125046-375622_1.jpg


125044-419038_0.jpg     125045-375621_0.jpg


125045-375622_0.jpg     125045-375623_0.jpg


125046-375623_0.jpg     125046-419038_0.jpg


125046-375666_1.jpg     125050-375623_0.jpg


125047-375621_0.jpg     125050-375637_0.jpg


125050-375666.jpg     team_125043_big.jpg


125050-419038.jpg     125051-375623_0.jpg


125051-375666_0.jpg     team_125040_big_0.jpg


team_125041_big_0.jpg     team_125042_big_0.jpg


team_125045_big_0.jpg     team_125046_big_0.jpg


team_125047_big_0.jpg     team_125050_big_0.jpg