Aspire take on Bear Grylls

Aspire take on Bear Grylls

A new year comes with new challenges and Aspire didn’t have to wait long.

How did the team start 2020?

Experiencing the new, the tough, the scary and the exhilarating at The Bear Grylls Adventure!

After a Christmas break of rest and relaxation, it was time to reconvene and re-energise, celebrating the successes of 2019 and getting ready for the year ahead.

Having spent the day tackling an assault course, ziplining from a helicopter, hitting archery targets and crossing an assortment of ropes and obstacles 20m in the air, Aspire say, bring on 2020.







The Autumn term saw the team achieve great things, worthy of recognition and celebration. So, before the day came to an end, awards were presented and congratulations given for the hard work and commitment showcased last term.


100% Attendance

Well done to Andrew Stanton, Adam Walton, Alex Wright, Claire McWilliam, Dan Hays, James Lett, Kady Donohue, Maurice Wright, Cameron Harris, Michael McMahon, Stuart Bates, Rosie Finnegan, Paul Warner, Matt Whittington, Caitlin Wilson, Gemma Taylor-Whithead, Zhane McCormack, Rackeem Reid, Simon Pierre, Letitia Lea and Jon Davies.




Congratulations to Jack Gray and Zhane McCormack on completing your apprenticeships!



Value Awards

Through the demonstration of excellence, commitment and integrity, Claire McWilliam, Caitlin Wilson, Nick Gibbs, Alex Wright, Jack Gray and Maurice Wright received the Value Awards. A very well done to all!



The WOW Factor

Congratulations to our WOW Factor award winner Stuart Bates for going above and beyond!