Being an Aspire Trainee - Case Study

Being an Aspire Trainee - Case Study

To find out more about being an Aspire trainee, read our case study from Adam, who is now a Level 2 Apprentice at Aspire.

Adam Cripps Q&A

Why did you choose to apply for a traineeship?

The Traineeship allowed me to see what employers are looking for when recruiting a sports coach. I also gained valuable experience in the role before I applied for an Apprenticeship.

Why did you choose to complete a traineeship with Aspire?

I chose to complete my traineeship with Aspire as they could give me the chance to gain coaching experience and progress onto an apprenticeship. Aspire also offer opportunities to continue into a full-time job after completing your apprenticeship.

What skills, experience, and qualifications have you gained through your traineeship?

I could develop my problem-solving skills to deal with situations I had never experienced before. It also helped me develop my confidence, communication and allowed me to develop new coaching ideas. During the traineeship, I completed the Level 2 Award in The Principles of Coaching Sport.

What are you doing now?

I am now completing my Level 2 Apprenticeship in Activity Leadership. I have also been given the opportunity to support full-time coaches in schools, on Aspire’s Football Development Centre and have been selected to travel to Tanzania as part of the Aspire to Africa, Aspire Sports Trust trip.


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