Collaborate and be clear on your ‘why’

Collaborate and be clear on your ‘why’




In this week’s episode of The Active Code, hosts Paul Griffiths and Luke Johnson are joined by Independent Educational Consultant, Andy Heald.


Who is Andy Heald?

  • Andy has spent over 20 years in the children’s activity space, starting out as a coach and moving on to roles as an educator, business owner and company director.
  • Andy has a passion for workforce development and his roles have led him to implementing a high-quality coach development programme and solution to drive success on a national scale.
  • Andy currently acts as Vice Chair of the Community Professional Development Board for the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA).

Linkedin: Andy Heald

Twitter: @Andy_Heald_Cons


What is the podcast about?

In the episode, Andy:

describes his childhood spent playing sports in the street with his friends and explains how it inspired him to work to provide similar opportunities for as many children as possible.

tells us how he and a large group of children broke a Guinness World Record for the largest fencing lesson ever delivered.

explains why vision, values and transparency led to the fast growth of his franchise.

talks about how regular exercise impacts on his mental health and wellbeing and how he incorporates ‘Tiny Habits’ into his day.


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