Final workshops announcement

Final workshops announcement

Over the past few weeks we’ve been sharing with you the details of the keynote speakers and the workshops you have to look forward to at the WMPESS Conference.  

You’ll notice from the agenda. that there are a mix of theory and practical workshops and today we’re pleased to share with you the details of three more of the practical sessions. If you’re planning to sign up for one of these then make sure you don’t forget suitable clothing!  


Embedding physically active learning in your school 

Former primary school teacher Andrew Stanton is now a Education Programme Development Manager. Andrew has been pivotal in the creation and growth of Aspire’s physically active learning programmes including Maths on the Move. Andrew’s workshop will concentrate on using physically active learning in maths and English, including: 

  • Exploring the latest research in physically active learning  
  • Understanding the reasons why children benefit from physically active learning  
  • Taking part in practical activities to implement in your setting 


Early Years PE and Physical Activity 

Helen Batteley is an Early Years PE and physical development specialist. As a consultant, trainer, author and speaker she is highly respected for her contribution to raising the profile of early years physical activity.  

In Helen’s workshop, delegates will look at using PE and physical activity to promote academic attainment and cognitive skills in early years. The workshop will be mainly practical application with theoretical underpinning.  


Creating an active and engaging playground 

In many schools, children become bored in the playground and football dominates. Without enough stimulation, children don’t get the exercise they need and lots of petty arguments happen. Matt Whittington will be leading this workshop which will address these issues and look at how to set up and run safe and inclusive physical activities during lunchtime and playtime. 

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