How to plan an inclusive primary school Sports Day

How to plan an inclusive primary school Sports Day

A key date in the school sports calendar is coming up.

Sports Day is a chance to celebrate physical activity, improve teamwork, develop social skills, create healthy competition, build resilience and inspire active lives.

But with opportunity comes responsibility.

It’s your job to plan your primary school’s Sports Day, but it’s also your job to stay on top of everything else whilst doing it.

And it’s not just the time it takes. You also want the day to be engaging, inclusive, educational and enjoyable for pupils, teachers and parents. And you need to strike the right balance between competition and fun.

So, how can you do all that with speed and ease?

With this ready-to-go Inclusive Sports Day resource.


What is the Inclusive Sports Day resource?

A free downloadable resource you can use to plan a circuit-based Sports Day for all ages and abilities at your primary school.


How does the resource help you plan your primary school Sports Day?

The printable booklet ensures you’ve got all the key details and plans in place for your Sports Day to run smoothly.

It highlights the equipment you need, a choice of activities to run, and a means of keeping score.


What’s included in the Inclusive Sports Day resource?

  • A table to outline and keep track of key details for the day - including venue, date, order of the day, number of teams, time per station, etc.
  • Equipment table – includes items and quantity
  • 13 activities covering the fundamental movement skills of throwing, running and jumping – includes equipment needed, instructions, diagrams and scoring
  • Customisable score table


Sports Day is supposed to fun for pupils, parents, and for you! But the time and effort it takes to organise can put a dampener on the day, making it something to get through rather than something to make the most of.

This Inclusive Sports Day resource can change that.

Plan, deliver and enjoy a Sports Day that demonstrates and celebrates the power of PE, school sport and physical activity!

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