Incorporating physical activity into classroom learning

Active maths lessons enhance pupils' performance and confidence - New data from our Maths on the Move programme

Incorporating physical activity into classroom learning

Recent reports are calling for the national curriculum to incorporate physical activity into traditional classroom learning. They are asking schools to limit sedentary and screen-based activities, recommending learning activities that involve standing up and moving around the classroom, to help the fight against obesity.

There is also a growing body of evidence which  demonstrates the positive relationship between increased physical activity and academic performance. This includes improved attention to tasks, as well as an increase in pupils' enjoyment of the lessons and motivation to learn.

Maths on the Move has been developed by teachers for teachers. It is a unique and innovative programme that uses the concept of active learning to enhance children’s confidence and attainment in maths.


Our new data from the 2016-17 Academic year, shows that pupils who participated in the programme, demonstrated improvements in academic performance and confidence in maths, especially for lower performing pupils.


MOTM Analysis-Infographic20172.jpg

Our results support the research that physical active maths lessons are a favourable intervention especially for those pupils on the lowest baseline for numeracy.

For the full report please download here: ASPIRE MATHS ON THE MOVE Analysis 2016-17.pdf

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