It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

1st December arrived, trees went up, lights went on and the crafting of Christmas playlists began.


Christmas Games_1.jpg


Parties abound in the festive season and games are in high demand. What’s more, a 2 week school holiday can be daunting with the pressing question of how to keep your child entertained. With this in mind, we’ve fashioned a list of Christmas activities to get the party started and keep Christmas spirits high.


Guess the gift

Is it a candy cane? Is it a bauble? Is it a Christmas cracker? Delve into the stocking and see what you can find.


Father Christmas’ workout

Christmas eve is no mean feat for Father Christmas, in the run up, he makes sure to get in a daily workout to be ready for his round the world trip. You and your child can join Father Christmas in his routine to discover how he prepares for the busy night.

  • Run on the spot for 3 minutes - The reindeers can only get Father Christmas so far, he needs to build up endurance to get presents to all those houses.
  • Push-ups - Sacs of presents aren’t light, Father Christmas needs to make sure he has strong arms.
  • Squat jumps - Father Christmas needs strong legs to get up and down those chimneys.


Snowball DIY

Children are forever wishing for snow, for the chance of a white Christmas. But we all know too well what’s more than likely are rainy grey days. However, dreams don’t have to be crushed! Take it into your own hands and make your own woollen snowballs. Simple and fun, plus you get to stay warm!


The night before Christmas…

Create an obstacle course representing Father Christmas’ journey on Christmas eve. Set up check points symbolic of houses for your child to deliver presents! Father Christmas’ time is limited so make sure to set a clock to build excitement.


Pin the nose on the snowman

Replace the donkey with a snowman and tail with a nose and there you have it.


Christmas lights tour

Christmas lights are shining bright on houses everywhere, wrap up warm and take a tour on foot of the glowing streets.


Build a snowman

Your very own indoor snowman minus the snow. All you need is toilet paper, a cardboard nose and buttons, a hat and a scarf. In a limited time, two (or more) teams do all they can to transform one of their members into a snowman.


Jingle Bell toss

How good is your aim? Arrange everyone into two teams and assign a different colour cup to each, the first team to get a bell into all of their cups wins.


Musical chairs Christmas style

Christmas playlist, it’s your time to shine!


Snowball and spoon race

No cracked eggs in sight. Use cotton wool balls and teaspoons (for a challenge) to put on a relay race.


Christmas charades

A family Christmas day classic.


Present stacking

If you can get your hands on an assortment of different sized cardboard boxes and Christmas wrapping paper, you’re well away. How tall can your child build their tower before it topples?


Santa says…

Whilst Simon is on his Christmas holidays, Santa stands in to give you your instructions.


Get ready, it’s time for festive fun! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Aspire!