Make an impact on physical activity levels at your primary school and make effective and sustainable use of your Primary PE premium

Make an impact on physical activity levels at your primary school and make effective and sustainable use of your Primary PE premium


In recent news we’ve heard about an increase in childhood obesity and widening inequalities in children’s physical activity levels. Research has shown that children from more deprived families are nearly three times more likely not to be involved in sport than those from less deprived families. And twice as likely to be obese during childhood.

Just a few weeks ago we saw alarming data on obesity rates increasing over the past five years. A quarter of all Year 6 pupils (25.5 per cent) and almost a sixth of all Reception-aged pupils (14.4 per cent) are obese. And within these figures, 6.3 per cent of Year 6 children and 4.7 per cent of Reception-aged children are classed as "severely obese".

We’ve also heard about behaviour changes among children who haven’t been able to access extra-curricular activities during the pandemic. Perhaps this means we have children who find it harder to work together or their skills level has dropped. The result could be a lack of confidence where they become more reluctant to take part in activity.


The Level 5 Certificate in Primary School Physical Education Specialism (QCF) is a bespoke primary school physical education qualification developed by the Association for Physical Education (AfPE) and Sports Leaders UK (SLUK).

Led by curriculum designer with expertise in the physical curriculum, Crichton Casbon, the Level 5 course upskills primary school teachers, HLTAs and TAs to become primary school PE specialists. What’s more, the qualification is a sustainable and effective use of your Primary PE Premium.


It’s all well and good us saying you will become PE specialists, but what does this actually mean?


How you will benefit from a Level 5 qualification?

  • Significant increase in con­fidence and ability to teach and manage PE and school sports provision in schools.
  • Increased ability to contribute to a wider agenda in schools.
  • Increased knowledge, confidence and effectiveness in the physical education role in school.
  • Development of teaching skills.
  • Clear progression in ability to intervene and bring about improvement in teaching.
  • Develop a sophisticated curriculum programme for the whole school.


What impact has the training had on those who’ve already completed the qualification?


“The qualification has helped me look at what our school has in place, what we needed to do to improve and then how we were going to make the improvements. It has also built my confidence in the delivery of the subject as a subject leader.” 

Michael McDermott, PE Coordinator, Merritts Brook Academy

See how the course helped Merritts Brook E-Act Academy >> 

“I have developed personally, my confidence has improved and I have an action plan in place to help to progress and develop PE in my school. The school will benefit from my input and I will hopefully be able to help staff to deliver outstanding PE lessons. The children will ultimately benefit as they will be taught a balanced PE curriculum by teachers who can deliver outstanding lessons.”  

Lucy Hall, PE Coordinator, Mount Pleasant Primary School


What impact has the training had on the delegates’ schools?

  • Our playtime and lunchtime activity has increased by 20% and we are in the process of employing ‘Lunchtime Play Leaders’ to encourage physical activity.
  • Children are more engaged and active. They are wanting to participate in extra-curricular activities which improves their behaviour and determination in other subjects (within the classroom).
  • We have recorded an increase in physical activity levels in our targeted year groups.
  • The participation in after school sports clubs over the whole year for pupils who take part in two or more clubs a week has increased by 35%.


This course has invaluable benefits for both the delegates and their schools. Professional learning is essential for your continual development, the Level 5 Certificate in Primary School Physical Education Specialism offers you this opportunity.

Our next intake is February 2022 with limited spaces available. For more details click here.