Niche Apprenticeship Opportunities and their Impact on Whole School Development

Niche Apprenticeship Opportunities and their Impact on Whole School Development



Research suggests that physical activity can tremendously improve academic achievement. However, pressures on teaching staff, low confidence and few high quality CPD opportunities make it difficult for primary schools to realise the potential of a physically active school.

With every problem, comes an opportunity and that opportunity is often missed. Many schools are paying their Apprenticeship Levy without realising the positive impact this ‘financial burden’ (as it’s frequently referred to) can have.  

Schools often forget that the Levy does not have to be spent on new people. There is an incredible opportunity to upskill existing members of staff and apprenticeship training gives schools a cost-effective way to address the problem and engage more pupils in physical activity.

Aspire are a leading provider of apprenticeship training, who specialise in niche opportunities that impact on physical activity engagement. Physical inactivity habits are formed at a young age. Aspire’s answer to the problem is a physical development specialism for early years educators. The qualification provides schools with training that helps meet the EYFS framework and statutory guidance criteria, engages more children in physical activity, thus improving health and well-being. The role of the apprenticeship scheme is to help the EYFS workforce develop new skills while helping children develop their fundamental movement skills, all while reducing recruitment and workforce costs.

Similarly, primary schools can gain from cost-effective training that provides support to help promote PE, sport and physical activity for whole school improvement. This could include supporting teachers in PE lessons, providing further activity opportunities for pupils in extra-curricular time, supporting intra and inter school competitions as well as offering a helping hand to the PE coordinator. Utilising their Levy pot, this is a cost-effective way to help the apprentice become a qualified TA, making this one of the most versatile and popular schemes to meet a school’s needs.

For secondary schools, Aspire brings forward the PE and Physical Activity Engagement Technician. The training helps schools provide support for the PE department, including lesson support as well as intra and inter school sport competitions.

Aspire is currently one of a handful of providers of the new ‘Community Sport and Health Officer’ qualification. A brand new standard that can help the school become a hub for the local community, engage with families to promote the importance and advantages of physical activity and work directly to enhance pupil health and well-being through sport and physical activity.

To learn more about Aspire’s niche apprenticeship training offers and their benefits, contact Dan Hays via email or call 0121 663 1979.