Olympic inspired enrichment activity for your primary school

Covid-safe Olympic and Paralympic workshops for primary schools

Olympic inspired enrichment activity for your primary school


How do you sustain a thriving enrichment programme at your primary school amidst the current restrictions?


Expanding experiences to extend learning is a crucial component of the school years in order for children to develop their interests, character and talents.


But right now you’re limited in the projects you can do, clubs you can run and trips you can offer.


What’s needed are activities that are dynamic, relevant and put safety first.


So, how do Covid-safe Olympic and Paralympic inspired workshops  sound?


Tokyo 2020 is now taking place this summer and so too are our Road 2 Tokyo workshops



What are Road 2 Tokyo workshops?


The Olympic and Paralympic Games act as a valuable platform to inspire the next generation.


As the greatest international sporting event, the Games are powerful in encouraging children to lead active lives and embrace the core values of friendship, respect, excellence, determination, inspiration, courage and equality.


That’s why in the build-up to London 2012 we designed and delivered Olympic and Paralympic inspired workshops.


And it’s why we did the same for Rio 2016.


And it’s why we’re doing it again for Tokyo 2020


The chance for children to see the true power of physical activity, to see the celebration, achievement and joy it can bring is an opportunity to grasp.



What’s included in the workshops?


Road 2 Tokyo workshops can be tailored to EYFS, KS1 and KS2.


A virtual assembly will introduce children to the Olympic and Paralympic movement and values.


As a full day event, the children will experience the workshops on a class-by-class basis, participating in either five Olympic  or Paralympic  sports activities.


All workshops are planned and delivered by our team of expert educators, with all resources and equipment provided – hassle-free for your school.



How are the workshops Covid-safe?


  • All workshop educators will take temperature checks before entering the school and arrive prepared with disinfected equipment.


  • Our specialist resources will be thoroughly cleaned between each class’s workshop and we’ll provide hand sanitising stations for all children to use before starting a new activity.


  • At the end of each school day, a deep clean will take place before any equipment or resources are taken to another school.


  • Our Olympic and Paralympic values assembly can now be delivered virtually via a shared link or used in class via a pre-recorded video resource.


  • All schools with workshops booked will be contacted before the workshop takes place to discuss these safety arrangements and prepare risk assessments.



The IOC President and the Prime Minister of Japan see the Olympic flame as the light at the end of the tunnel.


And that’s what we aim to capture with Road 2 Tokyo, a sense of hope and optimism that can reenergise pupils and staff for the last term of a very tough year.


If you want to know more about the workshops, you can visit the Road 2 Tokyo website or get in touch with Dan Hays on 07335 058 870