Our new school year starts with awards and recognition.

Our new school year starts with awards and recognition.

Our Aspire training week has started with celebrations, recognising the achievements of several of our team members.

The 100% Club

The following team members have achieved 100% attendance over the last term and have earned themselves an additional day of annual leave:

Zhané McCormack, Thomas Howe, Stephen Prosser, Simon Pierre, Ross Langford, Rachel Law, Maurice Wright, Maddie Bradley, Luke Johnson, Liam Hampshire, Jon Davies, Jo Slater, James Morgan, Ella-May Patey-Round, Davina Sunner, Dan Jones, Dan Hays, Curtis Wynter, Ben Norton, Andrew Stanton, Andrew Day, Adam Sheehan, Carrie Wright, Claire McWilliam, Dan Parton, Gemma Batchelor, Letitia Lea and Martin Edmunds.



Integrity Award

Congratulations to Dan Jones and Dan Parton, winners of the Integrity Award for the Summer Term.



Commitment Award

Congratulations to Davina Sunner and Simon Pierre, winners of the Commitment Award for the Summer Term.



Excellence Award

Congratulations to Maddie Bradley and Vicki Smith, winners of the Excellence Award for the Summer Term.



The WOW Factor

Congratulations to Dan Parton, winner of the WOW Factor,  nominated and voted by the whole team for his excellent work this summer term.



Many thanks to all our hard working team members.