Our Top 10 Easter Activities

Fun Easter Activities for Kids

Our Top 10 Easter Activities



Who’s ready for an egg-ceptional Easter?  With Easter just round the corner, we thought we'd share our top 10 Easter activities with you.


If you’re frantically scrambling for some egg-stroadinary ideas to keep the family hoppy, we’ve hatched a plan; basically to give you a whole ream of egg-citing activity ideas for an egg-stra special Easter. Without further ado, let’s hop to it…



Active Easter Egg Hunt

Eggs marks the spot. So, there’s your standard Easter Egg Hunt (which, don’t get us wrong, is still lots of fun), but then there’s also your active Easter Egg Hunt. Time limits, quantity goals, racing; just little egg-stras to get those legs moving and hearts pumping.


Easter Bakes

There’s a whole heap of Easter goodies you can make. Not only are your children learning new cookery skills along the way, you also get tasty treats at the end!


The Bunny Hop

Time to get groovin’! Host a dance party, whether it’s family and friends or simply you and your children, dancing always brings a smile. And the Easter twist? Learn the Bunny Hop!

Easter Bunny Obstacle Course

How does the Easter Bunny hop around your house hiding all those eggs so egg-quisitely? Set up an Easter Bunny obstacle course for your children to have a go for themselves!


Egg and Spoon Race

Get some early practice in for Sports Day and have an egg and spoon relay race.


Alphabet Egg Hunt

Make your own cardboard alphabet eggs that form different words. Hide the eggs for your children to find to work out the secret words!


Egg Decorating

An egg is a blank canvas for you and your children to get creative. There’s so many different ways to decorate, who knew an egg could be so beautiful?

Egg Bowling

Leaving one hardboiled egg plain, the rest can be painted by players in the style of their choosing. Place the plain egg on the floor in an open space and take turns rolling your eggs as close as possible. Closest painted egg wins!

Pin the Tail on the Bunny

One picture of a bunny, several large cotton wool balls as the tail and a blindfold. Who’ll get their tail the closest?


Easter Bonnet Parade

We’re sure there’s a picture of you somewhere as a youngster proudly donning your homemade Easter bonnet. Now’s the time for you to get the very same picture of your child that they can cherish for years to come. Get your base hat and all the toppers your and your child’s heart desires, you can go minimalist or all out. Chicks, flowers, eggs, feathers, ribbon, pipe cleaners, straw, felt, pompoms, I mean the list goes on…


So now it’s over to you, time to get crackin’!  Why not share your creations over on our facebook page?