PECS delivers results

PECS delivers results

With 100% of teachers reporting an increase in confidence and competence in delivering PE, the PE Curriculum Support programme (PECS) is revealed to have a significant impact on schools who are choosing to use their Primary PE and School Sport Premium in an effective and sustainable manner.

In contrast to one-off training and ‘team teaching’ offered by sports coaching companies, the PECS programme is a bespoke 1-to-1 mentoring programme developing teachers’ delivery of primary school PE. Its user focused and flexible nature means the programme meets each member of staff at their own level of development. Holding the highly prestigious Association for Physical Education (afPE) Professional Development kite mark, the PECS programme has been recognised for the high-quality learning it provides for primary school teachers.

The Department for Education’s Guidance Document indicates that PE and Sport Premium ought to be spent to develop or add to the PE and sport activities that a school already offers.

We measured the impact the PECS programme has had on 169 primary school teachers during the 2016/17 academic year; research that revealed the significance of PECS and, when reviewing against the DfE guidance document and the key indicators of improvement, showed the programme to be a suitable means of using the premium.

Our research into the impact of PECS involved teachers rating themselves on a ten-point scale on the following aspects pre and post-programme:

  • Planning
  • Tracking pupil progress
  • Report writing
  • Confidence in PE
  • PE subject knowledge

Prior to the programme the overall average score was 4.9. When asked to rate themselves subsequent to the programme, the average score was 7.7, revealing a significant 57% increase in performance. What's more, every single teacher increased their average score by at least one point.

When measuring the specific areas, the results were as follows:




Tracking pupil progress



Report writing



Confidence in PE



PE subect knowledge

User focused

Tailoring to the individual needs of each teacher is key to achieve professional development in all participants. The pre and post-programme self-ratings of a newly qualified teacher and an experienced teacher (20+ years) showed an increase, revealing PECS to provide the support and guidance that ensures development.



The impact of PECS is not unique to one school or even one location. Our partnerships with like-minded organisations have enabled nationwide delivery of the programme and, as a result, schools from across the country benefit. In 2016/17 academic year, 169 teachers from 48 schools took part in the programme.


The overall increase in confidence, knowledge and skills of participating teachers demonstrates the significant impact of PECS, presenting the programme as a sustainable and effective use of the Primary PE and School Sport Premium.


For the full report, download the PDF here:

PECS_Data Analysis-201617.pdf


If your school are interested in the PECS programme please contact for further information.