Series 2 Episode 1: Mechanic to Organic

"Budget for Tennis Balls"

Series 2 Episode 1: Mechanic to Organic





The PE Huddle podcast is back for a second series!

Episode 1 is now live, and Paul is in discussion with Stuart Jones.


Who is Stuart Jones?

Stuart is a busy man. In a one-form entry primary in Birmingham he holds many roles. Along with teaching Year 5, being Deputy Headteacher, managing Inclusion and leading History, Stuart is the school’s PE and School Sport Lead.

In the first episode of the new series of The PE Huddle, we meet Stuart and hear about his mission to make physical activity something that happens naturally and that is effortlessly integrated across the curriculum.


What’s covered in the podcast?

In this episode, Stuart:

  • tells us how he supports early career teachers to become confident in teaching PE.
  • shares how he ensures CPD is targeted to support individual teachers with what they really need.
  • explains the approach the school is striving towards, where physical activity is naturally and effortlessly integrated in a cross curricular way.
  • talks about how to get staff to see the benefit of physical activity within all lessons.
  • discusses the importance of good high-quality PE that addresses not only the physical movement and learning of life skills but supports the wellbeing and mindfulness of the children.


Available to listen now wherever you get your podcasts.