Stay active this Easter

Stay active this Easter


Keep the Easter egg-citement going throughout the school holidays with these Easter inspired activity ideas enabling your children to stay physically active throughout the holidays!



  • Egg and Spoon Race

The classic egg and spoon race, a perfect game for Easter!

Set out a start and finish line. Once everyone has their egg and spoon at the ready, countdown 3, 2, 1 … GO!

Whoever reaches the finish line first with both egg and spoon intact wins!

Why not jazz it up by hopping, skipping, making it a three-legged race or a relay?


  • Easter Bunny Sack Race

Get hopping like the Easter Bunny with a sack race. Turn everyone into bunnies by providing rabbit ears!


  • Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Switch up your Easter Egg hunt by creating a treasure map.

Hide both Easter Eggs and challenges for your hunt. For example, one challenge could be ‘Perform 20 bunny hops’; this must be completed before they can move onto finding the next!

Mark an X where the Easter Eggs and challenges are hidden.

Time to find some treasure!


  • Easter Charades

Give your family game of charades an Easter theme!


  • Active Egg Hunt

Mark out your Easter Egg hunt route with physical activity posts. For example, ‘Gallop to find the next egg!’


  • Egg Rolling

Get decorating and get rolling!

Participants should personalise their eggs with paint, glitter, stickers, felt tips, anything you can find! Then it’s time to find the biggest hill and on your marks, get set, roll your egg!

Whoever’s egg travels the furthest is the winner.


  • Easter Bunny Says…

A spin on the traditional game Simon Says. Either an adult or child can play the Easter Bunny and whatever the Easter bunny says everyone must do, but make sure it is the Easter Bunny who says!


  • Easter Egg Bowls

Use colourful eggs instead of balls in this version of bowls!

Paint one hardboiled egg white and use that as the ‘jack’. Each participant gets three eggs painted the same colour and takes it in turns rolling the eggs as close to the ‘jack’ as possible.

Whichever colour egg is closest wins!


  • Easter Basket Egg Toss

Give each participant a hardboiled egg. Place a basket some distance away and each person in turn takes a shot at the basket.

Those who get their egg into the basket stay in the game. After everyone has had their turn, move the basket further away by 1 big step.

Repeat this until you have a winner!


  • Easter Egg Hunt Bike Ride

Rather than finding your eggs on foot why not travel on wheels?

Set out a cycling route for the family to follow and hide Easter Eggs along the route. Mark the spots with a visual signpost so they can be spotted by the children.


Enjoy an Easter of eggs and egg-ercise!