Summer outdoor activities for the whole family

Summer outdoor activities for the whole family

As the sun finally starts to creep out from behind the clouds, we’re getting ready to make the most of the outdoors this summer.

From developing children’s motor skills to improving brain development to boosting well-being to enhancing sleep quality, the benefits of playing outside for children are far and wide.

Here’s some activities the whole family can enjoy out in the fresh air this summer.


Beach day

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside. Swimming in the sea, building sandcastles, flying kites, collecting shells, rock pooling; there’s lots to keep your children busy at the beach. That being said, we know the prep involved in making a seaside day a success. Here’s the essentials to pack:

  • Sun cream
  • Swimwear
  • Towels
  • Sand toys
  • Picnic or snacks
  • Water
  • Change of clothes
  • First aid kit
  • Sun hats
  • Wind break


Camp out

Whether it’s on a camp site or in your own outdoor space, the chance to camp out will spark children’s sense of adventure. It’s an opportunity for the whole family to disconnect from a tech-filled world and find wonder in the natural world.



Any aspiring adventurer needs to know how to build a fire. Children will relish the chance to make their own, learning fire safety along the way. And building the campfire is only half the fun because it’s then time to bring out the marshmallows.


Climbing trees

When many children see a tree, they see a challenge. Climbing trees builds children’s strength, boosts confidence, and improves problem solving as they figure out how to scale their way up and navigate their way down.



Poohsticks has brought joy to countless families since it was invented way back in the 1920s. Its magic lies in its simplicity.

All you need to do is stand on one side of a bridge, everyone drops a stick into the flowing water beneath, and then you all move to the other side of the bridge to see which stick appears first.

We’ve no doubt Poohsticks will continue to bring fun to families for another 100 years.


Nature art

Who needs arts and crafts shops when summer offers up so many natural (and free!) supplies?


Shell photo frame

Remember all those shells your children collected at the beach that you don’t know what to do with? Use them to make a seashell picture frame for your favourite photo from your day at the beach.


Nature prints

There’s no need for paintbrushes when you’ve got leaves, sticks, rocks, flowers, ferns, seed pods, and anything else you can find outdoors. Children will love to see all the different patterns and textures they can create.



A summer scene or go abstract. A simple activity that lets the imagination run wild.


Flower crown

Children will love making something they can wear. A perfect accessory for a special occasion.


Flower pressing

Something to remember the summer by. All you need is:

  • Flowers
  • A book
  • A heavy object to use as a weight


Rock painting

Search for some rocks and stones that offer a solid space, size, and surface to decorate. Give them a wash and then get painting! You could turn the rocks into ladybirds, owls, hedgehogs, bumblebees or minions. You could paint noughts and crosses on the stones to make your own game set. Or you could just let the creativity flow and see where it takes you.

You could keep the rocks for your own arty display or leave them in a local park for other families to find, bringing a smile to their faces.


Vegetable patch

An outdoor activity that’s both fun and educational. Nurture your children’s curiosity about nature by getting them involved in growing their own crops. Seeing seeds transform into food on their plate is captivating. Gardening supports children’s sensory development, teaches them responsibility, and encourages healthy eating as they take pride in what they’ve accomplished, which they can now tuck into!


Food forage

Nature is a feast of foods during the summer months. Bursting with blackberries, elderberries meadowsweet, apples, damsons, water mint, horseradish, hazelnuts, dandelions and more, it’s time to get foraging.


Summer scavenger hunt

Create a list of flowers, wildlife, trees, objects, food, accessories and anything else summer related for your children to spot on days out.


Bike ride

Improve heart health, boost fitness, enhance navigational skills, relieve stress, help the planet and have fun! There’s lots to peddle for this summer. And there’s lots of places to peddle, check out our list of top cycling spots.[ ]


Slip and slide

A sure-fire way to keep cool and laugh lots. A super simple set up that leads to hours of fun.


Outdoor fort

Having a special spot they can call their own is something children cherish. Especially if you’ve made it together. Anything from cardboard boxes to sheets to trees to furniture to branches to blankets can be used.



Go on a treasure hunt in the modern age. GPS devices lead you to the treasure, otherwise known as a geocache. Hidden all around the UK, these little boxes are just waiting to be found. It’s time to go exploring.



Birdwatching can take you anywhere from your back garden to local parks to beaches to woodlands. It can be something you go out specifically to do or built into your everyday outings. Keep a notebook of all the feathered friends you see.



Make the most of the warm evenings and clear skies. Escape the hubbub of the everyday and allow a sense of calm to wash over you. Delight in your children’s wonder as they marvel at a night sky full of mystery and adventure.



Enjoy exploring the great outdoors this summer. Now here’s hoping the sun decides to stay!