Training Week 2019: Balloon chairs, wetsuits and an inflatable assault course

Training Week 2019: Balloon chairs, wetsuits and an inflatable assault course





If someone had asked us how we thought we’d be ending the first week of the new academic year, all in wetsuits in a lake probably wouldn’t have been our first answer.

But we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, let’s start at the beginning.

The first week back after summer always means Training Week for Aspire. Being that Aspire have a remote workforce, getting everyone together at once can be tricky, so training week helps us do just that!

Dedicated to supporting the team reach their greatest potential, training week is packed full of workshops and practical sessions to engage each team member, pushing them out of their comfort zone to strengthen skills and knowledge.

This year saw the team involved in workshops on the company journey, the ‘Aspire Way’, customer experience, cycling, dance, Maths on the Move (MOTM) and PE Curriculum Support (PECS). But, of course, these weren’t just your standard workshop; quizzes, balloon chairs, games, competitions and jelly baby towers all made an appearance!

Here’s an insight into what our Training Week looked like!
























So now it’s time we return to the wetsuits and lake.

Longstanding Aspire team members will know that every Training Week culminates with a team activity day. What they don’t know is what that activity will be. This year was no different.

Told only that swimwear and a change of clothes were required, the Aspire team gathered at Cliff Lakes on Friday morning.

Greeted with breakfast baps, the day was off to a great start! An update on the 2020 Aspire to Africa trip was given, followed by a discussion on the importance of communication and collaboration within the team.

It was then time to find out the reason behind the swimwear and change of clothes. Awaiting Aspire were paddle boards, raft building and a huge inflatable assault course in the middle of a lake!

Split into Gold and Silver, the two teams went head to head in a whole ream of challenges that saw every single person at some point falling spectacularly into the water.

With both teams winning one challenge each, it was the inflatable assualt course that would be the decider. With less than a second in it, victory was clinched my the Silver team!

And before you ask, yes of course we have pictures!

















PHOTO-2019-09-10-08-48-46 2.jpg


PHOTO-2019-09-10-08-48-46 3.jpg


PHOTO-2019-09-10-08-48-47 2.jpg




The day didn’t end there though, after tucking into a delicious BBQ, the awards for summer term were presented.


100% Attendance

Well done to all those that achieved 100% attendance in the Summer term!

Maurice Wright, Claire McWilliam, Jon Davies, Luke Johnson, Adam Walton, Andrew Stanton, Michael McMahon, Brad Terry, Tyler Heath, AJ Trush, Zhane McCormack, Matt Whittington, Caitlin Wilson, Melissa Harvey, Jack Gray, Gemma Taylor-Whithead, Simon Pierre, Kady Donohue



Value Awards

As a result of the excellence, commitment and integrity demonstrated by these team members, the value awards go to Maddie Bradley, Andrew Stanton, Gemma Taylor-Whitehead, Rosie Finnegan, Adam Walton, Danielle Miles-Ranger



WOW Factor

Congratulations to our WOW Factor award winner Cameron Harris for going the extra mile supporting a pupil on a recent Bikeabillity course.




5 Years

Five fantastic years at Aspire for Matt Whittingon, Claire McWilliam, Zhane McCormack and Letitia Lea. Happy Anniversary!







10 Years

It's the big 1 0 for the master of Bikeability Mr Maurice Wright! Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary at Aspire Maurice, thank you for all your hard work and dedication!




What a fantastic end to a valuable week, and a superb start to the 2019/20 academic year. It’s safe to say Aspire are geared up and ready to take on what we’re certain will be another successful year!