West Midlands PE and School Sport Conference 2021 - Workshop leader: Crichton Casbon

West Midlands PE and School Sport Conference 2021 - Workshop leader: Crichton Casbon




We’re excited to announce that the inspirational Crichton Casbon will be leading not one, but TWO unmissable workshops at this year’s WMPESS conference.


Great Teaching in PE

This workshop will ensure that you understand how teachers can be more effective in inspiring children and planning for learning. You will be shown:

- What underpins great learning

- How your actions and behaviours affect children’s love for the physical and their commitment to health active lifestyles

- How to plan most effectively so that children’s progression and achievement is excellent


You will be provided with a number of resources that will: 

- Help you to develop your policy and guidance for teachers in your school

- Help you to reflect on and develop great teachers who are excellent at teaching


Assessment in PE – made simple and usable

This workshop will take you through a process that will ensure you understand the 3 stages of assessment, and how it is central to teacher’s planning and children’s learning. You will be shown:

- How to set your expectations of what children learn and make progress in

- How to use assessment to help children make rapid progress

- How to spend minimum time and effort for maximum impact on children’s learning and development

You will be provided with a range of resources which you can use to develop or adapt your practice.


If you’re looking to make your PE lessons more memorable and meaningful, or wondering how to make assessing PE more than just a hoop to jump through, then these workshops are for you.


Crichton is a curriculum designer with a specialism in Physical Education and he really knows his stuff!


Crichton managed the implementation of the secondary curriculum in England for QCA and directed the PE and School Sport (PESS) project as part of the Government’s national strategy for PE and Sport. He has led the development of three national curriculum programmes of study in PE, national schemes of work and co-authored a book on assessment in PE. A former teacher of PE, geography and English, he has also worked as a LEA Adviser for PE, a School Improvement Adviser and an Ofsted inspector.


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