What’s Multi Sports Academy at Active Camps?

What’s Multi Sports Academy at Active Camps?

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Sometimes it’s just too hard to pick a favourite.

Multi Sports Academy means children don’t have to!

If your child likes lots of different sports, enjoys variety and embraces the chance to try out new things, Multi Sports Academy may just be for them.

It’s a staple at Active Camps; whichever venue you attend you will find Multi Sports.


What’s involved?

Of course there’s the well known favourites; football, tennis, netball, rounders, cricket, etc. There’s also some lesser known but just as fun activities, fiitball, kin-ball, T Softball, funslinger, sepak takraw.

The list goes on (really it does right here), and from this we create timetables for each holiday that are available on our website here, so if there’s specific activities your child wants to do you can see when they’re running.


Are children grouped by age?

Indeed they are, the younger group is ages 4 – 7, whilst the older group is 8+.


What are the timings?

We know how tricky the school holidays are when it comes to trying to find childcare that works with your schedule and responsibilities. Which is why we offer a standard day, half day and extra time.

Standard day: 8am – 4pm

Half day: 8.30am – 12.30pm

Xtra time: 4pm – 6pm

Plus drop off is between 8am – 10am, during which time children take part in games and activities, giving you that extra bit of flexibility.

As we are Ofsted registered, we are only able to offer 4 year olds half a day. We understand this may disappoint some parents, however being Ofsted registered is of significant value, giving you the reassurance that Active Camps is a safe and fun childcare solution.


How do you book?

If you’re brand new to Active Camps, register an account with us here. Once you’re registered, simply follow the step by step booking process online.

If you’re an Active Camps regular, no doubt you already know how to book, but for ease here’s a link straight to the login page!

You’ll be able to see your booking history in your account and watch all those reward points totting up!