Winter is coming: Ideas for indoor fun

Winter is coming: Ideas for indoor fun




Winter is coming, we can feel it in our bones. There will soon come a time when no number of jumpers, coats, hats and scarves will be enough to ward off the chill; sometimes the cold can get the better of us. So what do you do? How do you steer clear of indoor boredom? Here’s how…


Hunt for treasure

Who said hunts were just for Easter? Write clues or draw a treasure map to create a treasure hunt with a winter twist. Have your children become Christmas detectives to find their presents!



The Christmas classics will soon take over the radio, the shops and our minds. But don’t be a Scrooge, get in the Christmas spirit! No doubt you’ve got a ‘Now That’s What I Call Christmas’ CD lying around somewhere, get it on and turn it up for your very own winter disco!


Cook up a treat

Make some winter warmers, a hearty stew or a fruit crumble, perfect for those cold evenings.


Navigate round an obstacle course

An obstacle course is ideal for children to burn off some steam. You and your child can build the course together using what you have around the house.


Play ping pong (with a twist)

Use a balloon as the ball and make your own bats with sticks and paper plates. Safe and fun!


Get crafting

No need to buy Christmas decorations this year! Winter-themed crafts are a hit and there’s no end to the creative possibilities: paper roll snowmen, egg carton penguins, pasta snowflakes, the list goes on…


Ice skate indoors

No need for ice for this type of skating. Use empty Kleenex boxes as skates and create your very own indoor “ice” rink.


Build a den

Den building is a classic that will never get old. Gather sheets, blankets, pillows, cardboard boxes, fairy lights and anything else you can find.


Slime time

Who knew seasonal slime existed? Well apparently you can make your very own snow slime! Enjoy!


With their boundless energy, children can find it tough being indoors and it can be a challenge for you too. But use winter as a time to make the most of the indoors, your home is a treasure chest of fun.