Workshop Announced: Sport and Health Initiatives

Workshop Announced: Sport and Health Initiatives

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No doubt we all agree that:

  • Physical activity and sport can improve lives
  • Everyone has the right to be physically active and play sport


With this in mind, Tim Aldred, Education Partnership Officer for Active Black Country, joins the West Midlands PE and School Sport Conference to share how schools and colleges can support children and young people in leading active lives.


Having studied Physical Education and Youth Sport at Sheffield Hallam University, Tim went on to teach secondary PE across numerous schools.


Tim champions the role PE, sport and physical activity can play in whole school outcomes, a championing that has since seen him join Active Black Country as Education Partnership officer.


For the past 4 years, Tim has been supporting primary schools, secondary schools and colleges with the unique chance they have to instil a lifelong habit of physical activity in children and young people.


Join Tim to find out how this habit can be created and sustained because physical activity is a habit of a lifetime you don’t want to change.


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