Is your school holiday activity provider Ofsted registered?

Is your school holiday activity provider Ofsted registered?

It’s the school holidays and you’re in search of an activity provider where your child can a) have fun and b) stay safe. Choosing the environment in which your child will be cared for can be tricky. Will my child enjoy it? Will they have lots to do? Are the coaches professional? Are the coordinators sufficiently trained? Is the venue safe and secure? All these, plus many more questions, can overwhelm parents.

One question can alleviate a lot of the uncertainty parents have and that is: Is the activity provider Ofsted registered? Should the answer be yes, you can rest assured that the quality of care is what you expect and want for your child.

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So how will an Ofsted registered provider meet your needs?

  • They will have comprehensive child protection policies, procedures and insurances to safeguard your child.
  • They will be regularly inspected by Ofsted to ensure standards are met.
  • You are able to use childcare vouchers at each Ofsted registered venue.
  • If you are eligible, you can pay for childcare through the tax-free childcare scheme.
  • Staff will be DBS certified.
  • Regular risk assessments will be carried out on premises and equipment.
  • At least one member of staff will have a paediatric first aid certificate.
  • At least one member of staff will be trained in the Common Core of skills and knowledge for childcare.


How do you check an activity provider is Ofsted registered?

  • Ask for a relevant Ofsted registration number - A childcare provider may run at multiple venues in many different areas, make sure every venue has a unique registration number.
  • Ask to see their Ofsted registration certificate - As with step 1, every venue should have its own certificate.
  • Ask Ofsted directly by calling 0300 123 1231 or by visiting


We at Aspire Sports run 8 Active Camps across the West Midlands. Each one of our venues is Ofsted registered. Safety is paramount and we go that extra mile as an Ofsted registered provider to give you peace of mind in knowing that your child is cared for in the best possible environment. All our child protection policies are in place and our coaches are suitably qualified in first aid and safeguarding to ensure your child’s safety at all times. We are an activity provider run at the highest possible standards of childcare, enabling you to wave goodbye feeling content in the knowledge that your child has a day full of fun ahead.

Find out more about all the action involved in our Active Camps and view our Ofsted registration certificates and inspection reports here.