Multi Sports

The Multi Sports Academy offers your child a huge range of sports, physical activities and alternative activities during every school holiday.

Children in school years Reception† to Year 8 can participate in an exciting programme of indoor and outdoor activities each day. During every Multi Sports Academy children are split into small groups according to age and ability and are led by qualified and enthusiastic coaches.

Academy Sessions run from 10am - 4pm each school holiday, with the added optional early drop off  from 8am or add Xtra time to your booking for a late pick up until 6pm. 

So, as a busy parent, you can choose to drop your children off at 8am and pick them up at 6pm.

Alternatively, with our improved timetable you can choose a half day Multi Sports from  8am - 12pm or 12pm - 4pm 

The Multi Sports Academy runs at all of our Active Camps venues. Click here to find our more information. 

This holiday’s timetables

Activity Day Ride scooters, skid bikes or go karts and take part in exciting challenges involving nerf guns and camouflaged tunnels 
Team Building Problem solving skills will be needed to complete team challenges including running mat races and drain pipe challenges 
Scooters How far can you scoot in just one push? Whizzing round on two wheels, you will take part in challenges and team games. 
Nerf gun battle Navigate through obstacle courses of tunnels and jumps while dodging your opponents and test your accuracy with a Nerf Gun in fun challenges and duels.
Go Karts Enjoy exciting driving activities as you steer the go kart through courses and challenges 
Skid Bikes Navigate around a course against your friends and against the clock in a sliding skid bike. 
Basketball Practise dribbling, passing and shooting skills and score points in small sided games 
Football Enjoy attacking and passing games and learn new skills to put into action in small sided games 
Handball Shooting, passing and moving activities will prepare you for the high speed team game of handball. 
Netball Enjoy attacking and defending games, hold your nerve in the penalty shoot out and help your team in the mini netball tournament. 
Scoop tennis As an introduction to tennis you will have fun catching balls in the specially designed scoop tennis nets 
Tennis Master the backhand and forehand through mini games and challenges and rally with your friends in tennis matches 
Tennis Rounders Can you manage to run to 4th base without being caught and score a rounder in the tennis version of the class game 
Tournament Day Enjoy competing with your teammates in several tournaments throughout the day including: rounders, football, dodgeball and capture the flag. 
Cricket Catching and striking games will prepare you for batting and fielding in a Kwik cricket game 
Kick Rounders The classic game of rounders with a fun twist. Kick your way to a full rounder by sprinting around all 4 bases after taking your shot. 
Rounders Take a turn batting, bowling and fielding and see how many rounders your team can achieve. 
T Softball  Striking from a tee or from the bowler's throw, you will be aiming for distance and sprinting for a home run. 
Scooter Basketball and Scooter Hockey Scooter hockey and basketball are team games with players stationed on moving platform scooters. Can you keep your balance as you move with the mini hockey sticks or basketball?
Body Kombat Using the gloves and pads, short combinations will be made using the jab and the uppercut!
Lacrosse Improve your hand eye coordination by catching the ball in the lacrosse stick cage and enjoy competing in fun and safe non-contact lacrosse games 
VX Formerly known as Rock-It-Ball, VX takes elements of hockey, dodgeball and lacrosse into an energetic game to be enjoyed by all.
Dodgeball Put your reactions to the test as you dodge and duck away from your opponent's shots in the classic 
Y Ball A classic game of attacking and defending played with a special vortex to pass to your teammates 
Ultimate Frisbee Get used to catching and passing the disc in a series of fun games before taking on a game of Ultimate Frisbee!
Frisbee/ Frisbee Golf Played in a similar way to golf, Frisbee Golf replaces the ball and club with a flying disc. Challenge your accuracy to complete each hole in the fewest shots. 
Benchball / Hoopball Pass and move to find your teammates and reach the bench or hoop to score a point for your team 
Athletics Running, jumping, throwing and relay races make up a quadrathlon of events to take part in 
Capture the Flag Find and bring back your opponents' flag and avoid getting tagged to stay out of "jail" in the classic tag game, capture the flag. 
Hockey Enjoy a mixture of passing, moving and shooting games and get used to moving with the stick before finishing with a mini hockey tournament. 
Badminton Learn the forehand, backhand, overhead clear and smash shots and practise rallies over the net 
Scatch pads Using hand pads with velcro catch layers, you will be keeping the ball in the air in team games and activities. 
Fitball A fusion of netball and american football, you will pass, catch and move to score points in your attacking end zone. 
Funslinger Funslinger is an new exciting activity played in small teams with a unique catching net and lots of action 
Olympics Aim for the bullseye in archery and take part in fencing duels using foam swords and professional masks 
Paralympics Enjoy a circuit of three classic paralympic events: seated volleyball, goalball and boccia 
Tri Golf Try chipping and putting challenges before aiming for birdies and eagles in a custom made golf course 
Tag Rugby Enjoy passing and moving the rugby ball in non-contact tag games and small sided tournaments 
Flag Football In this mini version of American Football you will get used to throwing the ball and dodging your opponents to score points 
Danish Long Ball A mixture of cricket and dodgeball, danish long ball is a fun, action packed game for everyone to enjoy. 
Tchoukball  Learn the skills to play this fast paced game combining elements of handball and volleyball. 
Urban Polo  The classic game of polo without the horses! Enjoy passing and scoring in this fast paced game. 
Ga-ga Combine your skills of dodging, striking, running and jumping -  be the last person standing in this version of dodgeball. 
Circus Skills  Practice your juggling, plate spinning and acrobatic skills in our circus workshop. 
Sepak Takraw  Learn the skills to play this version of volleyball, using only your feet, knees, chest and head to touch the ball. 
Volleyball Learn the dig, serve and volley and work with your team to not let the ball hit the floor in a volleyball game played over nets. 

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Our venues

20/07/2020 to 28/08/2020

Alderbrook School

20/07/2020 to 21/08/2020

Hagley High School

20/07/2020 to 28/08/2020

Bishop Vesey's Grammar School

20/07/2020 to 28/08/2020

North Leamington School

Aspire's organisation – from project management, back office administration and on ground delivery – has been incredibly good which has enabled the programme to not only be a success but we have been able to include a much larger number than originally thought.

Catherine Stephenson
Staffordshire County Council

Aspire offer a positive ongoing relationship, consistent high-quality team members through different programmes and peace of mind

Hillary Primary School

Aspire offer us reliability, a high standard of tuition & flexibility

St Margaret's CE Primary School

Our children have enjoyed the approach to maths, through the Maths on the Move Programme - it focuses their learning and shows them the importance of maths in everything (it's not just a subject).

St Mary's RC Primary School

This is the 3rd time that my children have come to Aspire Active Camps, they love it and are already asking to go back! My younger daughter is brimming with confidence from her new-found sports skills and my older daughter has discovered a love for basketball. Top marks for the team all round!

Active Camps Parent 6/9/16

We have worked with Aspire Sports for over five years. The quality of delivery has always been excellent. The coaches are well qualified, knowledgeable and child friendly.

Sue Bailey
The Arthur Terry School

WSAS have had an extremely positive and long standing relationship with Aspire Sports. The feedback from our schools has been outstanding and we always achieve our pass rate targets. We communicate regularly, the support staff are always on hand to help out and are very professional and friendly. Aspire always go beyond our expectations.

Faye Haworth
Wilson Stuart Active Society

My child loves the range of activities on offer. I am always impressed by the positive, professional and friendly team both at the camp and the office.

Active Camp Parent 31/10/16