Maths on the Move

Developed by teachers for teachers, Maths on the Move (MOTM) is a unique and innovative programme aligned with the national curriculum. Using physically active learning, MOTM enhances children’s confidence and attainment in maths.

Suitable for all abilities, the programme can be tailored to suit pupils’ individual requirements.

Use MOTM as an intervention programme to support lower achieving children or extend the learning of those who are gifted and talented. The results show that, whatever the pupil’s pre programme confidence level, it is boosted post programme. 

MOTM is a sustainable and effective use of the PE and Sport Premium. By embedding physical activity into the school day, the programme raises the profile of PE and sport across the school as a tool for whole-school improvement.

Experienced educators deliver MOTM and learning materials are provided. An online portal and regular pupil reports enable progress to be continually tracked and monitored, essential for justifying premium spend to Ofsted.

COVID-19 Protocol



Over two million children have done no schoolwork, or less than an hour a day over lockdown.

What can be done to make up for all this lost learning time?

The government has announced a one-off universal £650 million catch-up premium for the 2020 to 2021 academic year.

A suggested use of the catch-up premium is intervention programmes that:

  • meet a specific need
  • can be delivered to small groups
  • include regular sessions maintained over a sustained period
  • are carefully timetabled
  • allow for the monitoring of pupil progress

Turns out our newly refreshed Maths on the Move (MOTM) programme checks all of these boxes.


What steps have been taken to ensure MOTM is safe and adheres to government guidelines?


Step #1

Autumn term kicks off with educators delivering a six-week programme of study focusing on mental maths.

Covering several objectives from the national curriculum, these lessons have been created to allow children to access high quality physically active learning in a safe environment.


Step #2

Resources required for each lesson are reduced to only those that are essential. Meaning? Sessions can take place outside where possible. We have faith in the British weather (we think!)


Step #3

Each child will also be given a personal whiteboard and pen in order to limit the sharing of resources (and the debates over who gets to write).


Step #4

An updated programme means an updated platform. The MOTM platform has been reviewed and revised to allow educators to access the new programme and continue to provide reports and feedback to teachers on the children who take part.


Step #5

We’re communicating with schools to discuss timetables and create risk assessments which are specific to your setting and in line with your policies.


School: Nonsuch Primary School

Problem: A lack of tailored programmes to suit both the more gifted and underachieving pupils at the school.

Objective: The school wanted to challenge their gifted and talented pupils in a different way while developing a mathematics intervention programme that would support their lower achieving children.

Solution: Maths on the Move helped improve levels of attainment amongst children, giving them an understanding of a wide variety of mathematical techniques and methods (such as fractions, percentages and multiplication tables) and making maths more accessible by delivering it through sport and activity.

The programme also had a positive impact on the children’s state of mind, with all participants reporting that their confidence levels in maths had improved as a result of the programme.

As well as Maths on the Move provision, Aspire offered lunchtime support to increase the amount of competitive opportunities for the children and helped increase participation through their out of hours learning provision.


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The Big Numbers

94.63% of the class improved over the course of the programme

100% of pupils improved in 9 out of 12 lessons

91% of pupils either improved or stayed the same in every lesson

For more information on our Maths on the Move programme, please contact Dan on 0121 663 1979 or email




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