Student feedback

"I’ve really enjoyed college so far. I’ve found the work we’ve done interesting and like how it’s been related back to cricket. I also like the balance between work, cricket training and personal time."

James, current student.


"The course is good all round. Both the academic and the cricket side. The academic side is led by an excellent tutor, Dave, who goes into a lot of detail and makes the lessons fun, linking them well to cricket. The cricket side is led by good coaches who are focused on making us better all-round cricketers. I am really glad to have chosen this course as it enables me to focus on my passion for cricket and develop my skill set, whilst still granting me the time to continue my other interests.”

 Zulfi, current student.



"I’ve really enjoyed the cricket college as we receive a good education as well as cricket coaching from top level coaches. I’ve made good friends on the course, it’s great to be amongst other young people who share similar interests.”

Nick, current student.


"I think the course is great because I get to play cricket and study at the same time. I particularly enjoy the practical side as we have a full day of cricket, improving our skills and showcasing our talents through games."

Yasin, current student.


"I am impressed with the delivery of the course content and I am enjoying learning all of the new topics and areas of work. I am looking forward to continuing my studies and progressing in a positive direction with the help of my tutors. I am particularly enjoying the practical side of the course."

Joe, current student.


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