Summer Schools

The move from primary to secondary schools is a major one, with issues surrounding anxiety, lack of confidence and feelings of isolation.

Left alone with their worries, young people can struggle to bridge the educational and social gap, leading to problems settling in and adapting to their new school.

That's why Aspire has developed the LEAP Programme, run at summer schools and designed to ease the transition all primary schoolchildren have to make.

LEAP – Learn, Engage, Achieve and Progress – aims to imbue young people with a sense of purpose in a structured and caring environment where students soon realise they are not alone and that their hopes and fears are shared by their peers.

Aspire understands that you may not have the time and resources to be able to run a summer school programme to aid the transition of your future year 7 students.

So we can do it all for you!

Run in conjunction with family support charity Malachi, the LEAP programme timetables activities to cater to all students' needs and interests.

It can be completely bespoke to your school and engage school staff within the programme. We can even facilitate the whole programme from start to finish at no cost to your school!

Aspire offers:

  • Administration Support (including student recruitment, timetabling, staffing, measuring and reporting the impact on your objectives)
  • Programme Planning and Delivery (including leadership awards, interactive workshops, our unique ‘Maths on the Move’ programme, creative workshops, cycling, dance workshops and multi-sports)

For more details please contact Dan on 0121 663 1979 or email

Summer schools



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